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Stratospheria Theme XP

Entwickler J-DESIGN
1.45 usd

Stratospheria Theme for Xperia™ is a creative theme that works on Marshmallow, Kitkat and Lollipop OS devices.In this theme " Stratospheria Theme for Xperia™ " you will find a unique wallpapers, Icons, navigation shapes and backgrounds.
After Getting an excellent reviews on the previous theme i.e (Moon River Theme for Xperia™) we've decided to share the second theme that Emulates the sunrise view from the stratosphere (the second major layer of Earth's atmosphere ) , and that is the reason for naming it Stratospheria.
Your reviewe & opinions about " Stratospheria Theme for Xperia™" are most welcome, so we can enhance this theme and many others after :)
Stratospheria Theme for Xperia™ are designed with Theme Creator for Xperia™